How to Understand Russia – according to Oleg Kashin & Olaf Koens

Oleg en Olaf


Russia is not an easy country to understand. According to Russian reporter Oleg Kashin, politicians in the Netherlands definitely don’t. “If they did, they would have granted Dolmatov’s asylum request immediately.” Alexander Dolmatov took his own life in a Dutch detention centre after escaping Putin’s regime. Oleg wrote an opinion piece about it in the New York Times.

But the misunderstanding does not stop with politicians, it extends to journalists as well. Kashin notes that very few foreign correspondents actually get what the country is about. He says Olaf Koens, Dutch correspondent for RTL Nieuws, is one of them. In this video they share their secrets on how to understand Russia.

Video by Leonie Hosselet & Jeroen Soeterik

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