Cees Zoon and the press situation in Mexico


Cees Zoon is a Dutch journalist in Mexico. For Cees Mexico is “his region”, so he shared with us some of his experience.

Cees is one of the journalist, who doesn’t is afraid to do his job in this country. First of all it connected with the place, where he lives. It is Mexico-City, and that is one of the most saver parts of the country. Secondly Zoon looks like a tourist. And to be a ‘tourist’ is much more save in Mexico than to be a journalist. “I think that the matter of last two years, that appears some in regions, where better not to go”.
Zoon prefers to write about the culture, but such kinds of stories are not sold that good. So his last story was about drug problems in the area, which used to be a paradise with beautiful architecture and nice atmosphere. But now after the murder one of the narco-barons, cartels started to fight for the power. So every night shooting turns previous heaven to hell.

To make such story wasn’t that easy. It goes without saying that only few persons can afford themselves to talk in front of the camera. But to make an interview even with foreign journalist is a big challenge. That tells about the level of fear among the population of the country. But not only the fear is the obligatory attribute of the Mexican, another one is drugs of course.

Drug topic had assimilated in everyday life of each person. And that was one of the subjects in Zoon’s book about Mexico, which was recently published. Other chapter was dedicated to the journalists.

Press situation in Mexico

In Zoon’s opinion less journalists writes critically about the reality in Mexico. Self-censorship is very well spreaded in the country: “they don’t write everything they know anymore”. But still there are some groups of journalists who try to be totally honest with the audience. There is a tandem of 3 journalist of one newspaper who find a lot of bad real stories and “dare” to publish their articles signed (that is not so popular nowadays in Mexico). But on the other hand there are some journalists who’s behavior is provocative. And they play with their lives themselves.

Zoon thinks that the only chance to change the situation in the country and in journalism is to legalese drugs. In three months there are elections in Mexico. Who knows, maybe after that the situation will become better.

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